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Levels 29 Sapphire

Key learning Area Technology/Science

Theme How levers are used

Title How Levers Work

Text Type Explanation

Pages 2–9

Text Form Reference article

Genre Non-fiction

Purpose To explain how or why something occurs

Text Structure

Identifying Statement: Tells what is to be explained (Page 2)

Explanation Sequence: Explains a series of events or cause and effect (Pages 3–8)

Summary Statement: Draws all the information together (Page 9)

Language Features

?Nouns (e.g. machines, loads, pivot, fulcrum)

?Pronouns (e.g. they, them)

?Adjectives (e.g. simple, Many)

?Present tense verbs (e.g. are, is turns, moves)

?Adverbs (e.g. easily, usually, only, often)

?Adverbial phrases (e.g. at the fulcrum)

?Conjunctions/Text connectives (e.g. when, because, If)

Title The Crowbar

Text Type information Report

Pages 10–16

Text Form Reference

Genre Non-fiction

Purpose To present information that classifies living or non-living things

Text Structure

General Statement: Identifies and classifies the subject (Page 10)

Description: Provides information about the subject's physical appearance and other characteristics (Pages 10–15)

Evaluation: Provides a summary statement about the subject Page 16)

Language Features

?Nouns (e.g. crowbar, boulders, lever, force)

?Pronouns (e.g. they, them, their, it)

?Adjectives (e.g. metal, large, rotted, strong)

?Present te博客來網路書店 nse verbs (e.g. happens, changes, is)

?Adverbs (e.g. apaart, always)

?Adverbial phrases (e.g. under the load, in their toolkit)

  • 出版社:東華


  • 出版日期:2015/04/13
  • 語言:英文

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